Árboles plantados

About Reforestemos

In Reforestemos Foundation we lead the largest ecological campaign of reforestation and restoration in Chilean history.

Reforestemos Foundation was born in early 2012 as “Reforestemos Patagonia”, this foundation was created due to the most emblematic ecosystem fire to ocurr in Chile´s history, located in Torres del Paine National Park.

Later in 2017, the institution undergoes big changes in matters of expansion. This was defined as “Reforestemos Foundation “ after going through major challenges of restoring degraded zones affected by fires , as well as high ecological value areas for the country by protecting, preventing and reforesting.


Our mission is to help recover high ecological value areas through restoration, natural habitat protection and reforestation. It is a well known fact that healthy ecosystems are the base of a sustainable world, and so, in Reforestemos, our team is commited to achieve these goals and help contribute to a healthier natural environment for future generations to come.

Meet the members of our group in their respective roles as colaborators of Reforestemos Foundation  in the task of forest restoration.


Let’s reforest Chile’s native forests together.

We reforest together with Chile’s leading institutions

Our team

Making a positive change in our world is the main motive of our team involved in the different tasks of forest restoration.


Men and women, opinion leaders from multiple disciplines who dream of leaving a healthier and more vital planet for the new generations.

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Soledad Corti Otaegui

Soledad Corti Otaegui de Chile ha plantado 1 árbol en la Patagonia.