Árboles plantados

Project Types

Our principles are collaboration, action and education. We work in constant movement for the environment, to protect it’s natural resources and change people’s mentality.

Among our main lines of action are reforestation schemes in protected wild areas, high ecological value zones, enrichment of natural regeneration of post fire lands, environmental education programs for schools, research programs, forest fires prevention actions germplasm collection and donations to small and medium owners.

Massive reforestations

We carry out massive reforestations in national parks and reserves and on surfaces intended for conservation.

In the first case, the National Forest Corporation (CONAF) is our main partner. Together, the reforestation areas are identified, as well as the species to be planted and the type of protection that must be carried out according to the location. In the case of surfaces intended for conservation, a process is carried out in conjunction with the municipalities, public ministries and universities, among other public organizations, to choose the land and manage volunteer participation.

Environmental education

We have an environmental education and fire prevention program. This plan is taught through educational sessions that include a theoretical module taught by an expert in environmental matters, and a practical part, in the field, where the same participants are the executors of the reforestation of their environment, being trained in the techniques of planting and aftercare.

Donations to small and medium-sized enterprises

To encourage and promote the development of economic activities around the non-timber exploitation of forests and boost the sustainable management of native forests, we also have a training program and we donate native plants to the communities. The project has been carried out through farmer groups and cooperatives in the O’Higgins, Maule, Ñuble, Biobío and Araucanía regions.

Forest fire prevention

Over 125,000 acres are destroyed by fires each season and prevention is the best way to help avoid them. Our workplan takes place in various regions of the country. They include education and preventive forestry actions such as reduction and removal of vegetal fuel, building firewalls, the provision of roads and helipads to enable ground and helicopter paths to help the work of fire brigades in cases of fire as well as the implementation, in the Metropolitan area, of a forestry brigade in support of fire management.

Soledad Corti Otaegui

Soledad Corti Otaegui de Chile ha plantado 1 árbol en la Patagonia.