Árboles plantados

Sponsor a reforestation volunteer

Your company can be part of the reforestation of Chile and the world
Sponsor a volunteer

Every year, thanks to the support of different companies, Fundación Reforestemos organizes native reforestation days in the most iconic places of the 11 regions where it operates. This initiative can be supported through corporate volunteering.

Join this great crusade and together let’s reforest the forests of Chile.


Corporative volunteering

Live a unique experience with your team contributing to the ecological restoration of native forests. They will be the ones who will plant the trees, sharing in a different environment that will enhance teamwork, increase pride in the company and, also, help the planet.

We carry out reforestation volunteers in different localities of the country, working with communities and volunteers from different companies and organizations. It does not matter if it is a volunteer for a morning or 3 days in Patagonia, your collaborators will have an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

Citizen volunteering

Thanks to the support of your company, we will summon volunteers in different regions of Chile to work on the restoration of areas of high ecological value. Each of these reforestation days is a concrete action to face the climate crisis, protect ecosystems and, in addition, generate real links with the community.

Urban woodland volunteering

Your company can also join our urban tree volunteering, an activity of great importance and impact for local communities. This project seeks to contribute to a better quality of life for residents of vulnerable communes, strengthening their green areas, both to recover public spaces, as well as to provide them with the ecological balance provided by trees.

Like our volunteers in areas of high ecological value, it will be the same collaborators who will be able to plant with their own hands the trees that your company is contributing, and live a different day in a place that needs everyone’s cooperation so that its neighbors they inhabit it again.

Thanks to this experience you will be able to:

Link with the community
Link with the community

Generate real actions with the community through a cause that unites them all.

Generate social and environmental impact
Generate social and environmental impact

Restoring degraded areas changes the life of communities, as well as the planet.

Increase your corporate reputation
Increase your corporate reputation

Your collaborators will have a unique and different experience, which will transform them into ambassadors of your company and of the cause of reforestation

Strengthen the team building
Strengthen the team building

Our work system favors teamwork, meeting goals, self-management of teams, among others.

Soledad Corti Otaegui

Soledad Corti Otaegui de Chile ha plantado 1 árbol en la Patagonia.