Árboles plantados

Donation Program

Since 2017 we have different edges related to the donation of native trees, which have allowed us to support the development of a wide variety of projects, both local communities, cooperatives, neighborhood associations, and institutions of the country. This line of action was born as a tangible and direct response to the problem of forest fires that affected -and continue to affect- the country, at a conservation, economic and social level. Three factors that for us are built hand in hand.



Our program supports beekeepers in the south-central zone of the country, who have historically not only lost their hives as a result of forest fires, but also the native flora that allowed the pollination process. In this way, we promote the local economy by working with small producers that depend on the sustainable management of these ecosystems.

Local communities

Participation in the planting and conservation of native forests points to the commitment of communities with care for the environment and climate change. Also, they promote economic projects related to the native forest, improve the quality of life of the neighbors, and make their green areas grow.

Educational projects

Delivery of native trees to rural schools, municipalities and institutions for educational purposes. Thanks to this action, we can raise awareness at an early age about the importance of the native forest, and strengthen the green areas of these establishments.

Conservation initiatives

Support for small and large native reforestation projects promoted by other institutions or NGOs that require our help. In all these cases, we make sure to provide native species according to each zone, and that the planting requirements are met.

To date we have achieved:

Trees donated to beekeepers and small owners
Trees donated to beekeepers and small owners


Communes impacted in 11 regions of the country
Communes impacted in 11 regions of the country


Soledad Corti Otaegui

Soledad Corti Otaegui de Chile ha plantado 1 árbol en la Patagonia.